Acid-resist Sprayer 2 Gl Polyeth Translu Orng

Manufacturer: RL FLO-MASTER
Weight: 5.25 lbs

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Acid-Resistant SprayerStandard Sprayers.

Industrial -type liquid sprayers with multiple applications: masonry, pest control, carpet cleaning, waterproofing, degreasing. Use with herbicides, insecticides, stain removers, cleaning agents, other chemicals. Not for spray painting -Straight -neck sprayer with Viton seals -All -polyethene flow control and discharge -Can be used for spraying acids Orange translucent polyethene tank equipped with poly pump handle, reinforced hose and Viton seals for maximum chemical resistance. Tank includes polyethene extension wand with an adjustable nozzle. 2 -gallon capacity.




5.25 lbs


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